The system used for Google Picasa photos to appear on is the exact same as that used for - Photo Tagging.

Each race gallery that appears on has a unique tag. These tags can be found on either the race calendar page or on the landing page for each race gallery - ie the Liberties Fun Run Landing Page. To add photos that are hosted on Google Picasa to you simply need to add the tags "RacePixCom" and the unique race tag for the race to each photo. This can be done before you upload your photos using software like iTag or once the photos have been uploaded from the Picasa interface.

If you are adding a tag to a photo after uploading to Picasa simply click into the photo and select the link "Add Tag". Enter the tags "RacePixCom" and the unique race tag as shown below.

That's it! Now when the searches are trawling the web they'll find the photo from the race and add them to the collection on

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